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Sunshine Coast Tree Lopping & Stump Grinding

There are many reasons why a tree needs to be removed. From complex tree trimming to tree removal, Steve and his Signature team have the experience and resources to tackle trees of all shapes and sizes.

Professional Tree Work

When a tree’s gotta go, you need someone who can get the job done quickly. Each tree’s requirements are different and to perform the job safely, there’s no substitute for experience. Steve and his team have been felling trees for over two decades and can advise on your particular scenario.

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Do I need a permit to remove a tree?

Despite the fact that a tree may be located solely on your property, it doesn’t mean you automatically have free rein to remove it. Generally speaking, you’ll need a permit to remove native trees, but exotic species can be removed without a permit.

Types of trees that require no approval

For trees on private property, the following is considered standard for each council. There are exceptions and Steve can let you know for sure. Generally speaking, the following trees can be removed without seeking council approval:

  • Trees within three metres of an existing dwelling (measured from the centre of the trunk)

  • Trees that have died

  • Emergency works. In this scenario, a person honestly and reasonably believes that an immediate threat exists to life or property

  • Pruning of protected trees is permitted if it is for maintenance (or in the best interests of the tree)

  • A plant or tree that is otherwise an exotic species. To see if you’re tree is classed as exotic, we’ve put together this guide on exotic plant species which contains the most common types found in peoples backyards.

Stump Grinding

The final step in removing a tree is to use a stump grinder. This machine has the ability to turn a stump into fine wood chip with its heavy duty rotating blades. Unlike a chainsaw, it can work below the soil line. Steve can grind down any size tree stump so you can rest assured the tree is completely removed.

Stump grinding is also a great way to remove the base of large shrubs and bushes, so no matter what is growing, Steve can get it completely removed.

Ensure your professional is insured

When it comes to tree work, it’s vital that any professional has public liability and property insurance. In the (unlikely) event that an individual or property suffers damage, having a fully insured business for products and public liability is the only way to ensure you’re covered. To protect everyone involved, Steve has $10M public liability insurance.

No job too big or small

For very large tree jobs that require specialist equipment, Steve has built up long-standing relationships with select Sunshine Coast-based arborists.

Steve only partners with contractors who do good work, are sensibly priced, reliable, insured, work safely and to best practice. Best of all, when it is required, he’s happy to pass on their details to you.

The bottom line is, if it’s outdoors, Steve can get the job underway.

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Based on the Sunshine Coast, Steve and his team have the experience, tools and skills to take on just about anything outdoors.

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Satisfaction Guarantee

In a day and age where tradesmen can’t seem to do their job properly, Steve and his team guarantee to finish the job on time and to a high standard. It’s all about quality workmanship, customer satisfaction and zero callbacks.


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