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Sunshine Coast Hedging & Pruning

When it comes to immaculately presented hedges and shrubs, there are many tricks of the trade to get the job done professionally. Steve and his Signature team know can take your hedges from average to stunning with straight lines and sharp edges.

A Great Garden is in the Detail

When it comes to making a garden pop, the right tools (and how to use them) can really make a difference. Steve has an eye for transforming front and backyards and can take a modest garden to the next level.

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Experts in hedging

Steve and his team have been hedging for a long time now. From simple Lilly Pilly screeners to topiary, Steve takes the time to ensure that each manicured shrub is as good-looking as it can be.

Thinking of a new hedge?

Hedges can be implemented for a variety of reasons, and Steve can advise on the best type of hedge to suit your requirements. Essentially, there are two main types of hedge:

  • Formal hedges generally consist of small leaf plant varieties. To achieve the density and sharp lines of a formal hedge, regular trimming is a must to allow promotion of growth to the inside of the hedge. Whether this is done yourself or you employ a gardener, it is a practice that needs to be adopted to keep your hedges looking the best they can.

  • Informal hedges are the perfect way to make an area more appealing. Most people employ the use of an informal hedge to screen off an area – whether it be for privacy or to cover an unsightly view. Informal hedges only require trimming when they become overgrown and are popular for this reason.

There are many plant species that can be turned into both informal and formal hedges. Talk to Steve and he can advise you on what would work best for your particular garden.

Pruning Services

Whether your looking to trim your garden for aesthetics or to promote new growth, trimming and pruning is a fundamental requirement of any great garden.

There are many times where pruning your plants and trees will ensure future vigorous growth. If you have a tree or plant who’s growth appears to be stunted, chances are that it may benefit from timely pruning.

Each species of plant is different when it comes to pruning. Steve can advise when the best time to prune your plants and trees are, and a few other tips and tricks specific to each plants’ needs.

No job is too big or small, so give Steve a call today to get your garden looking the best that it can be.

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Other Services

Based on the Sunshine Coast, Steve and his team have the experience, tools and skills to take on just about anything outdoors.

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From odd jobs to deceased estates, we clean it up and cart it all away.


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Satisfaction Guarantee

In a day and age where tradesmen can’t seem to do their job properly, Steve and his team guarantee to finish the job on time and to a high standard. It’s all about quality workmanship, customer satisfaction and zero callbacks.


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